Help Genius Wiz Find His Nintendo Switch (Predicted & Prophecy)

With all the Battles & Stumbles & Fumbles (Rolls) it seems that Genius Wiz Was humble enough with Nintendo For Very Long Time Since Birth Of the NES in the year 1984. What more can you say ? With the release of his new audio sound “Help Me Find My Nintendo Switch” On all major platforms, it seems that Nintendo found a New Switch and a New Color that proves to the gaming world there is a special artist that exists.

The Color On The Wall like a Mural (Imagine That) Colors are like sound so why knock the hustle trying to get your life right and back in order with the Original Nintendo Players. Take a look at the upcoming version of the new switch. Support the real struggling artist today.

There is something special about this color

So The Main Objective was to get 4 Loyal Nintendo Switch Players In The Room Together and Become a Special Crew, Now you can forget about the fantastic 4 this new blue color needs to be 5 Loyal Nintendo Switch Players In The Field.

What is more important to tune in and call Dj Genius Wiz To Bond With the right chemistry. A New Color is In and its a Lucky One You Can Call it “Genius Wiz Switch”

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Just a Normal Special Guy that Loves to make music & I am a Video Game Scientist When it Comes to Nintendo. Guess I will Blog here for cool stuff